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About OneClickFTP


OneClickFTP is a FTP-Client written in C++/Qt4, with which you can Upload Files with just a few Clicks (unfortunately not one, but never more than two). To do that you have to specify Profiles with the Server, Username, Password an the desired Files.

OneClickFTP offers a lot of features like the Im- and Export of Profiles wich makes it easy to share them with other people. Or the possibility of prompting for a password, when trying to transfer files. It it also possible to check the files for "Last modified"-date or size before transferring. OneClickFTP provides safe up- ad downloads, by uploading a file to a temporary name and renaming it after it has been sucessfully uploaded.

Most Important Features:

  • Up- and downloading generated profiles with a few clicks
  • Safe transfer
  • Transfer only modified files
  • Profile im- and export
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    How to use OneClickFTP

    The first step to use OneClickFTP is to add a profile with all the files you want to transfer in it. This can be done by clicking on the green plus-sign beneath the profiles list (box 1 in the image below). The profile assistant then will guide you through the creation of a new profile.

    Explanatory Image

    After the creation of a new profile, you should have the main window on your screen (just as the window in the picture). The following paragraphs will expalin you each section of the window and their use.

    Section 1: In this section you can see all your profiles listed. The details of the selected profile are displayed in the other parts of the window. With the bottons right of the profiles-list you can add, delete or rename your profiles. If you press the delete- or rename-button the selected profile will be chosen.

    Section 2: Here you see the detailed settings of the profile that is selected in the profiles-list. The first tab contains the access data to your ftp server, the second tab the base-directories of your profile and the third other settings. These settings can be changed just by typing something in the Edit boxes.

    Section 3: These are the files of your profile. You can add and remove files with the plus- and minus-buttons. The third button gathers information about the local and remote files (if they exists, their last changed date, etc.). By double-clicking on a single file, you can up- (by licking in the local files list) and download (by clicking in the server files list) a single file.

    Section 4: The big buttons at the bottom are more or less self-explanatory. They down- or upload (obviously depends on wich button you choose) the selected profile

    Section 5: This is the part of the window, where you can im- and export profiles, change the settings of OneClickFTP (like proxy server, passwords) and quit the application of course.

    Tray-Icon: With a left click on the tray icon you can show or hide the main window. A right click lets you down- or upload (this time depending on the menu you choose) profiles without opening the main window (and quit OneClickFTP without opening the main window).

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    You can participate in the development of OneClickFTP by:

  • Looking out for bugs and reporting them
  • Giving me some feature requests here
  • Sending me patches
  • Translating the application in different languages
  • Translating the website in different languages
  • Correct my crappy english
  • You can also support OneClickFTP by making a donation with PayPal:

    The bug tracker can be found at Bug Tracker

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    You can download OneClickFTP from

    OneClickFTP is available as a:

  • Source Package
  • Debian Package
  • Windows binary (Qts Dll's not included)
  • Installer for Windows (all Dlls included)
  • The most recent Version of OneClickFTP is 0.5.1 :

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